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Our Services

MECS Contract Filling and Manufacturing Sebenza (Pty) Ltd. has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and our team provides a professional and diverse service to each client. From concept to product completion, our ISO approved quality will ensure consistency and quality throughout the manufacturing process.


What We Offer

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Pine Gel
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Shoe Care
Tube Fills
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Mecs Lab & Testing

Our Laboratories are on site where we can ensure testing on products are done immediately and effectively.

We have a qualified and diligent team testing products and ensuring they are to a high quality standard. This standard must be met to ensure the quality of the products that go onto shelves.

There are strict formulas and equipment used in order to test different elements of a product from the product consistency to the amount of fill in a bottle and the sealing of the product.

Mecs takes our quality testing very seriously in order to ensure that we are producing high quality products for clients.


Our Facilities

Mecs Contract Filling and Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd is located in Sebenza Industrial Area and our facilities cater to large scale mass production, with our offices on site where manufacturing takes place.

Quality Control
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See our SHE Departments and what a SHE Representative is
See Our Golden Rules here at Mecs
ISO 9001
Quality Management System
ISO 14001
Environmental System In Progress
OHSAS 18001
Health & Safety In Progress
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