Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Policy


MECS Contract Filling and Manufacturing Sebenza (PTY) Ltd is a manufacturing and contract packing and filling business that specialise in the manufacturing of Aerosol products for use within the household, industrial and cosmetic industries.

MECS is committed to the attainment of high standards related to Quality, Safety, and Health and Environmental performance in our business operation. The SHEQ Policy demonstrates formal management commitment to continual improvement by addressing the process risks and impacts, which provide management direction with regard to SHEQ matters.

Management at all levels in the organization is responsible and will be held accountable for safety, health, environment and quality matters of their staff and contractors by aiming to prevent all incidents. The company will identify Health Safety, Environmental and Quality hazards and reduce risk to employees and other persons associated with all business activities and will endeavor to meet customer requirements with minimum non-conformances.

MECS Contract Filling and Manufacturing Sebenza (PTY) Ltd is committed to the SHEQ Management System and sets the following objectives:

  • MECS has adopted a statement of "Zero Tolerance on work Environment, Safety, and Health incidents" and Quality non-conformances.

  • A Total commitment to implementing and maintaining a documented Management System covering the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Standards.

  • Compliance with applicable Safety, Health, Environmental and Product Quality local, national, and international legislation and other regulatory requirements applicable to its business as a minimum performance requirement.

  • A total commitment to meeting and exceeding its customers and other applicable requirements.

  • Managing Business Quality risks and risks and impacts associated with operational activities, ensuring that aspects & hazards are identified, classified , documented, understood and managed to prevent injuries and occupational illness and any damage to the Environment & Quality non-conformances.

  • To protect the environment by prevention of pollution.

  • Continual improvement of these systems to achieve improved Safety, Health, and Environmental and Quality performance.

  • Provision of adequate resources for an effective integrated SHEQ management system.

  • This written SHEQ Policy is available to all employees and contractors through SHE induction, on the Global share document server and to the public on the MECS website or on request.

  • The Policy document has also been posted at various areas around the plant and form part of the communication with the work force of their and the Company's obligations.

  • Through the SHEQ Policy a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives & targets are set for achieving the above-mentioned commitments.

  • This SHEQ policy will be annually reviewed as part of the Management Review process to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to MECS operations.


The SHEQ policy is endorsed and signed by the Managing Director confirming top management's support of and commitment to the integrated SHEQ Management Systems.