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Manufacture to clients Product Formulation(s)

Contract Manufacturing & Compounding


Mecs can manufacture for many clients needs, as we follow a strict quality control system through out the manufacturing process from mixing to the testing of products in our laboratories. 

Blending, compounding and manufacturing are done with strict controls and job cards, ensuring consistency with testing is done at each stage following our processes and procedures.

Various filling requirements are available to suit the testing done at specific stages. with the capacity at Mecs we ensure that clients products are filled to a standard which upholds requirements and our reputation

Sourcing of Raw Materials

Having the necessary relationships is essential  to creating a perfect product each and every time. With the relationships that Mecs has with its suppliers and clients  we can ensure quality products when obtaining the raw materials needed for individual products. 


From our facilities in Sebenza we do the sourcing and collection of raw materials to the distribution and delivery of final goods to their desired locations. Here at Mecs we ensure your product is manufactured at the right time and place.


We offer the services to support your product requirements in being labeled, barcoded, shrink-wrapped or packaged according to certain requirements. we ensure that all packaging needs are met.

Full Turnkey Service

Here at Mecs we strive to exceed the clients expectation of their final product. We value the service we offer and the final result of any products manufactured on our premise.

Learn more about Quality within our operating systems and the need for quality throughout processing and manufacturing.
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Our clients will receive nothing less than excellence in our operations

We are adaptable to an ever changing market

We offer the best quality at a good price

We have a great turnaround time

We maintain our good relationships with suppliers

We are competitive

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Mecs Process Flow
Mecs Contract Filling & Manufacturing Sebenza (Pty) Ltd
QC Gate
QC Gate

Manufacture Bulk

Inspect & Test
QC Gate
Pack & Fill
QC Gate
Customer Feedback

Our facilities are laid out in a specific structure ,in order to cater to the different areas of production with Mixing, Manufacturing and storage each is designated area of our layout.

  • The first section consists of Receiving

  • Raw materials and Packaging are received

  • Raw Material must be checked and quantities must be specified.

All areas are maintained to a high standard in order to prevent cross contamination.


Once Raw materials and packaging has been received it moves to Stores which is the next area and next in the process of Mecs Manufacturing.

In Stores there is:

Packaging Warehouse which will consist of

-Plastic Store

-Cans Store

-Shipper warehouse


-Label Room

The next Area is Raw Materials which consist of:

-Flammable Store

-Chemical Store

-Fragrance Store 

These stores are located in various areas of the building, due to safety regulations.

The safety of our workers is a number 1 priority which is why these areas are located and build a certain way.

Following Raw Materials is the Blending Area.

The blending area holds Tanks for blending and decanters with flow bins which is where the product will be dropped once its been blended and checked by the testers for quality

From Blending comes the Production Area.

In the Production area is Packaging which holds : Bottles, Cans, Labels, etc

Bulk ( Flow-bins with batch identification)

Quarantine for work in progress products.


The Final Area of Mecs is the Dispatch Area where final products are dispatched.

ISO 9001
Quality Management System
ISO 14001
Environmental System In Progress
OHSAS 18001
Health & Safety In Progress
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