"The personal dedication shown in the factory will compliment our product consistency, quality, flexibility and company culture"

Having started as a company which was manufacturing small scale aerosol and cosmetic products from the inside of a family garage; Mecs and its team has developed and improved to become an ISO accredited, leading contract manufacturing company based in Sebenza, Edenvale and plays a key role in the production of a wide range of products for both local and international clients. 

Mr Rügheimer and the Mecs brand commenced small scale manufacturing in 1994 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With the constant assistance from friends and family, Mecs was able to transform a passion into reality by manufacturing small scale production. 

With the assistance of developing brands in the South African market and the constant increase in demand for both personal care and industrial care products, Mecs had the opportunity to follow the increasing market trend and developed key pillars such as production, blending and quality. During this time period, Mecs developed its core values:










With these core values shared throughout the Mecs Team, customer satisfaction was a core focus.


This pivoted Mecs towards manufacturing a wide variety of products from Mine marking paint and bleach to nail polish depending upon product demand.


This has enabled the Mecs brand to have the production capacity for multiple products and the opportunity to assist with the production of many more, in an efficient turnaround time.

Currently Mecs is operating on a 24 Hour basis and is manufacturing according to an optimum machinery capability model while adhering to strict company standards. Schedule a visit to learn more about the Mecs journey and to identify if Mecs has the capability to manufacture your required brand.

Frd Rugheimer - Mecs CEO
Photo Left: Mr Rügheimer
Transparency in Mecs Contract Filling


Flexibility in Mecs Contract Filling


Traceability in Mecs Contract Filling


Communication in Mecs Contract Filling and Manufacturing



Photo Right: Mrs Rügheimer


Mission Statement: To be in a profit position whilst maintaining sound business principles based on integrity and honesty. Consistently upgrading, refining systems and standards with emphasis on service. Where the working environment is acknowledged and beneficial, making Customers and Employees proud to be associated with the Company.

Vision Statement: To strengthen the contract manufacturing industry by providing transparency, quality, integrity and honesty to each and every customer and employee associated with our business.